Where it all started over 50 years ago, today we have become industry SPECIALISTS and Partners of the Ferrero Italian Hazelnut Project

The History of the Nursery

The history of our hazel tree nursery dates back more than 50 years, taking advantage of our skills  and knowledge in cultivating hazel.

Our nursery has grown year after year, also thanks to the interest in hazelnuts that has developed over the last decade.

Only by loving our work can we produce such significant numbers

over 7 HECTARES in Production in the Nursery

over 2 MILLIONS Trees produced in the last 3 years

over 50 years of EXPERIENCE in the Hazelnut sector

The Production Area

Our hazel tree production area is located in the heart of wonderful Tuscia, a region historically suited to cultivating Gentile Romana and Nocchione hazelnuts.

Due to its climatic characteristics and soil structure, the region benefits from elements that guarantee the plantations development, and for this reason it is known worldwide.

A Leading Area,

not just from the vegetation point of view

The Viterbo region, out of the whole Italian Hazelnut Supply Chain, is the foremost area for companies that produce equipment for managing and harvesting hazelnuts.

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Our nursery is in Vetralla (Province of Viterbo) at Viale della Carrozza 2

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

to help you learn more about our Nursery

Where are you located?

Our Nursery is in Vetralla (VT) at Viale della Carrozza 2.


Why are you Specialised?

Instead of offering different types of trees, we focus on hazel. This has allowed us to become industry specialists.

In over 50 years’ experience, we have learned to fully understand all aspects of Production: hazel grove preparation, cultivation, processing and sales.


Do you also provide after-sales support?

Yes. We help Producers and Farmers after the sale too.


Which Hazel Varieties do you grow?

We grow Tonda Gentile Romana, Tonda di Giffoni and Nocchione. We guarantee Variety Safety, a very high rooting percentage and Certified trees with an EC Passport.


What is the minimum quantity for placing an order?

The minimum quantity for each order is 25 seedlings.


Do you also take care of transportation?

We do not deal directly with transportation, but we can advise you on the best solution to organise the delivery of the trees to your company.

Do your trees have a European EC Certification and Passport?

Yes. We are a Certified Nursery, registered and accredited by the SFR (Regional Plant Health Service) according to current CAC legislation. Our trees come from Certified Stumps.


Can I access European Subsidies when I buy from you?

Yes, our trees are certified according to EU legislation, and come equipped with a regular EC Passport. When you buy them, you can benefit from the European Structural Funds obtainable through the RDP (Rural Development Programme) and LAG (Local Action Groups).


Do you only deal in Hazel Tree Sales?

We don’t only deal with sales. We take care of all aspects of production:

  • Preliminary production (we take the suckers from the stumps)
  • Cultivation in the Nursery
  • Sales
  • Creating Hazel Groves
  • After-sales support


Can you guarantee the trees’ Traceability?

Of course, being a Certified Nursery, all the trees follow a fully traceable path, from removing the suckers from certified stumps, to selling the seedlings, all provided with an identification number and EEC passport.


What is the Ferrero Italian Hazelnut Project?

The Ferrero Hazelnut Company established the Italian Hazelnut Project to create and promote a quality supply chain in the hazelnut sector. Not just any Nursery can join: only those that meet certain productivity and sustainability standards.

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